DIRECTOR IN CHARGE: Marie Kirk (705-210-0247)

1. Amateur photographers only.
2. Exhibitor must have taken all photos.
3. Each photo must be no larger than 5” x 7” (12.5 cm x 17.5 cm).
4. All photos must be in colour unless stated otherwise.
5. Photos must be securely mounted extending approximately ½” on all sides of the photo. The colour of the mount will not be judged.
6. Entry tags must be stapled to the bottom right hand corner of the photo mount (no pins please).
7. For sections requiring the location or occasion to be named, this should be written under the photo, on the photo mount.
8. Photos are to be exhibited in 2018 and 2019 only and must not have been previously exhibited at this fair.
9. A portrait is considered to be especially of the face – may include shoulders.

Prize Money for All Sections: 1st - $3.00, 2nd - $2.00, 3rd - $1.00

1. Behind the Scenes (preparing for the Providence Bay Fair)
2. Providence Bay Fair (3 photos on a card, not to exceed 8” x 17”)
3. Tourist Attraction on Manitoulin
4. Autumn leaves
5. Entertainment at the Fair (3 photos on a card, not to exceed 8” x 17” – not to include horse pull)
6. A Prize Winning Exhibit
7. My Vegetable Garden
8. Harvest on the Farm (garden produce, grains, hay, etc.)
9. A Rural Scene (name location)
10. Four Seasons on Manitoulin (4 photos on a card, not to exceed 8” x 23” – locations to be named)
11. Rail Fence
12. Limestone on Manitoulin
13. Rainbow on Manitoulin
14. Church on Manitoulin (name location)
15. Historical Building on Manitoulin (name location)
16. Waterfall on Manitoulin (name location)
17. Interesting Skies (group of four not to exceed 8” x 23”)
18. Pet Cat (one in photo)
19. Pet Dog (one in photo)
20. Pet – Any Other Type (one in photo)
21. Pet(s) in a hat or wearing a hat
22. Pets – more than one in photo
23. Relics of Yesteryear – e.g. car/tractor/equipment
24. Christmas
25. Misty Morning
26. Cabin Fever
27. Family Fun
28. A Door
29. Wedding – Bride and Groom Only
30. Silhouette Photo
31. Portrait of a Person in a Black and White
32. Self-Portrait (photo of yourself, taken by you)
33. People at Work
34. Still Life (eg. flower arrangement, fruit, etc.) in black & white
35. Reflection (name location) e.g. in water/ice/glass/mirror etc.
36. Emotion
37. “O Canada”
38. Outside the Box
39. Winter’s Glory
40. Nature’s Fine Detail
41. Action Photo
42. Multiple Generations – 3 or more
43. Flower or Plant Close-Up
44. Home Sweet Home
45. Before and After (one photo of each on card, not to exceed 8” x 12”)
46. Let’s Eat
47. Babies on the Farm

Judge’s Choice Prize Ribbon