DIRECTOR IN CHARGE: Darlene Lewis (705-377-7160,

1. Flowers are to be shown with own foliage and no artificial colouring, unless specified.
2. Tags must be securely attached to containers with rubber bands, string, tape, etc., or they will not be judged.
3. A bloom is an individual flower, one on a stem.
4. A bud showing colour is counted as a bloom.
5. A stem or stalk may have more than one flower or bud, eg. Sweet Pea, Lavatera.
6. A spike is an upright stem with several flowers, eg. Glad or Snapdragon.
7. A spray is a portion of the plant with a number of flowers on one stem, eg. Mum.
8. Pot size no larger than 12” for potted plants.

Prize Money for All Sections: 1st - $5.00, 2nd - $3.00, 3rd - $2.00

1. African Violet, Ruffled, Single Crown
2. African Violet, Bicolour, Single Crown
3. African Violet, Blue/ Purple Colour, Single Crown
4. African Violet Pink Shade
5. African Violet, Any Other Colour
6. Begonia, One White, Tuberous
7. Begonia, One Yellow, Tuberous
8. Begonia, One Red, Tuberous
9. Begonia, One Orange, Tuberous
10. Begonia, One Salmon, Tuberous
11. Begonia, One Any Other Colour, Tuberous
12. Begonia, One Wax, Any Colour
13. Canna Lily, Any Colour
14. Ivy Plant
15. Ivy Geranium
16. Geranium, One Red Plant
17. Geranium, One White Plant
18. Geranium, One Plant, Any Other Colour
19. Shamrock Plant
20. Coleus Plant
21. Aloe Vera Plant
22. House Plant with a Religious Name
23. Miniature Dahlia Plant
24. Elephant Ear Plant
25. Cacti Plant
26. New Guinea Impatience Plant
27. Any other variety of potted plant
28. Fern, Any Type
29. Small Herb garden

Judge’s Choice from all Potted Plants – Prize Ribbon

30. Asters, Three, Tall (Over 12”)
31. Astilbe, Three Stems
32. Calendulas, One Stem
33. Gladioli, One Red Spike
34. Gladioli, One White Spike
35. Gladioli, One Yellow Spike
36. Gladioli, One Bicolour Spike
37. Gladioli, One Pink Spike
38. Gladioli, One Spike, Any Other Colour
39. Gladioli, One Mini Spike
40. Bee Balm, Three Stems, Any Colour
41. Black-Eyed Susan, Three Stems
42. Butterfly Bush, One Stem
43. Cosmos, Three Stems
44. Coneflower, Three Singles
45. Coneflower, One Double
46. Clematis, Three Blooms
47. Dahlia, Large (Over 6”)
48. Dahlia, Small (Under 5”)
49. Daisy, Shasta, Three Blooms
50. Hydrangea, One Stem
51. Hollyhock, One Spike, Any Colour
52. Iris, One Bloom
53. Lavatera, Three Blooms
54. Lily, Not Day Lily, Any Other Kind
55. Marigolds, Three Blooms Up To 2½” (6 cm)
56. Marigolds, Three Blooms Over 2½” (6 cm)
57. Marigolds, Three Blooms, Bicolour
58. Morning Glory, One Bloom
59. Nasturtiums, Three of the Same Colour
60. Nicatiana, Three Stems
61. Pansies, Three Stems
62. Petunias, Three Singles
63. Petunias, Three Doubles
64. Phlox, One Bloom, Any Colour
65. Poppy, Three Stems
66. Salvia, One Spike
67. Snapdragon, Two Spikes
68. Zinnias, Three
69. Outdoor Container, Three Varieties
70. Three Blooms, All Same, Any Other Annual, Named
71. Three Blooms, All Different, Perennial, Named
72. One Spray of Miniature Roses, Any Colour
73. One Rose, Any Colour

Judge’s Choice from all Specimen Flowers – Prize Ribbon

74. Beginner’s Luck (First time exhibitor)
75. Floating Fantasy (One flower in a suitable container with own foliage)
76. Coffee Pot Arrangement
77. Family Memories (Flowers our family has always grown)
78. Hydrangea Arrangement
79. An arrangement using different shades of yellow flowers
80. An arrangement of pansies in a tea cup
81. Autumn Glow (An arrangement in a rubber boot with/without accessories)
82. Rise & Shine (Arrangement in a Coffee Mug)
83. Roadside Beauty (An arrangement using roadside grasses, flowers, etc.)
84. Buttered Up (Featured in a butter dish)
85. The Family Farm (An arrangement in an old-fashioned container)
86. Lover’s Lane (An arrangement of roses)
87. i-Pod (An arrangement with pods and seeds)
88. Engagement (Table arrangement using Candles)
89. Pink Plumage (Arrangement using pink flowers)
90. Shaver’s Delight (An arrangement featuring shaving tools)
91. Sunny Roads (Arrangement featuring different varieties of sunflowers)
92. Tough Truck (An arrangement using a child’s truck as a container)
93. Time Marches On (Arrangement depicting Remembrance Day)
94. Green Thumb
95. Arrangement of Tiger Lilies
96. Arrangement of Miniature Roses
97. Arrangement of Gladiolas
98. Arrangement of Sunflowers
99. Arrangement of Perennials (using at least six different varieties)
100. Arrangement of Annuals (using all the same flower)

Judge’s Choice from all Arrangements – Prize Ribbon