DIRECTOR IN CHARGE: Ted Legge (705-377-4662)

1. ALL EXHIBITORS MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE THEIR ANIMAL! If not, they will be asked to leave the ring.
2. Cows must have young during the year and cows milking at time of exhibition or in calf.
3. Attach an entry tag and properly secure the animal on the grounds where directed.
4. Any animal shown in any one class cannot be shown in any other class or section.
5. Two entries per exhibitor in each section are allowed.
6. All cattle may be required to have a veterinarian’s certificate. Please contact the President or Secretary/Treasurer before the fair.
7. Parties exhibiting purebred stock must have registration papers for animals over 12 months. The registration certificate for each respective animal must show the exhibitor as “breeder” or “owner”. Exhibitor may be a “joint owner” of an animal, either as an individual, or in partnership. All animals must be from one farm or breeding unit.
8. If there are less than 2 exhibitors in a section, the prize money will be reduced by 50%.
9. Animals must be on the grounds by 10:30 am Saturday and judging will begin at 12:30 pm.

Prize Money for Sections 1-10: One Prize of $17.00, All Other Entries $5.00

1. Best Beef Animal for Market (under 1 year)
2. Best Beef Animal for Market (over 1 year)
3. Best Feeder Steer (between 6 months and 1 year)
4. Best Groomed Animal on the Grounds – Dairy
5. Best Groomed Animal on the Grounds – Beef
6. Best Calf Raised by Hand – Dairy (under 1 year)
7. Best Calf – Beef (over 6 months)
8. Best Calf – Beef (under 6 months)
9. Best Suckling Calf – Beef
10. Best Suckling Calf – Dairy

Prize Money for Sections 11-17: 1st - $15.00, 2nd - $12.00, 3rd - $10.00

11. Female (under 1 year)
12. Female (1 year – under 2 years)
13. Female (2 years – under 3 years)
14. Female (3 years and over)
15. Male (under 1 year)
16. Male (1 year and over)
17. Herd – 3 Females with at least 1 Mature (Each animal in the group must have been exhibited in one of the above sections)

Prize Money for Sections 18-21: 1st - $35.00, 2nd - $28.00, 3rd - $20.00

PENS OF TWO (not to be shown in any other class)
18. Two Yearlings – Beef Breed
19. Two Yearlings – Dairy Breed
20. Two Calves – Beef Breed (born after January 1st of Fair Year)
21. Two Calves – Dairy Breed (born after January 1st of Fair Year)