Manitoulin 4-H Association Exhibits

The following entries are for members of the Manitoulin 4-H Association (4-H or Clover Buds) ONLY.

Please bring entries to the exhibit building between 8:30 and 11:00 am on Friday, August 17.
Please complete and attach entry tags to all exhibits. (Use Class: 4-H, and Section #s below.) You do not require an exhibitor number.
Please complete and submit an entry form. Entries in the Junior Section may be on the same form.
Please pick up your prize money in the exhibit building during fair weekend.

Prize Money for All Sections: 1st - $2.50, 2nd - $2.25, 3rd - $2.00, 4th - $1.50

For 4-H Members (Ages 9+)
1. Photo of a 4-H activity with story/description at least 1 paragraph (mounted 8½ x 11” paper)
2. A collection of 6 different nature items—labelled and displayed in an egg carton
3. Make a poster to promote farm safety. Poster cannot be computer generated. Use ½ sheet of Bristol board to make the poster. May use pictures from magazines or hand drawn and colored pens/pencils.
4. Fleece or flannel pajama pants, machine sewn by member
5. Table-top catapult or trebuchet, decorated

For Cloverbuds (Ages 6-8)
6. 4-H motto printed on an 8½ x 11” sheet of paper, decorated with any material
7. Photo of a 4-H Cloverbud activity with story/description (mounted 8½ x 11” paper)
8. Garden collection of vegetables and fruits - labelled. Minimum 6 items.
9. Make a “Beware of ________________ “ sign. Choose any animal.
10. Make and decorate a flower pot out of recycled material.