The Board of Directors of the Providence Bay Agricultural Society are pleased to bring you an updated exhibitor prize list. There are a few changes. We are keeping this book for 2 years. Even though these changes take place, one thing that never changes is our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to each and every one who volunteers his or her time and effort to make the fair the success that it is. This is also the same for everyone who donates prizes for the prize book and those who help advertise. THANK YOU! We will acknowledge you at the fair! To all exhibitors, we welcome your participation and hope you will continue. We also encourage others to enter. Most of all, we want you to thoroughly enjoy yourselves at the fair.


The privilege of membership is open to all residents of Ontario. Please list your mailing address and phone number to receive your prize money.

1. The $10.00 membership can be obtained from the Secretary/Treasurer.
2. From the prize sum awarded to each exhibitor, the Secretary/Treasurer shall retain $10.00 for membership for the following year.
3. PLEASE CASH YOUR CHEQUE WITHIN A MONTH OF RECEIPT. If in any year, more prizes are being awarded than there is money in the treasury to pay, the Society will pay the largest percentage possible.
4. No prize shall be awarded if the article or animal is not considered worthy of a prize by the judge.
5. All prizes to be accepted as donated or awarded and not exchanged.
6. All entry forms must be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer the day of judging to be eligible for the neatest and easiest-to-follow award. All others, no later than the second day of the fair.
7. In cases where disputes have arisen and have been deferred to the Board of Directors, the decision of the Board shall be final.
8. Children entering in the Junior Section will not be required to pay a membership fee. However, if entering in any other section, membership is required.
9. All exhibits must be ticketed before entering the exhibit building or they will not be admitted because of the congestion it creates at the door.
10. The exhibit building opens at 8:30 am on the Friday of the fair. All exhibits must be in the building by Friday at 11:00 am, except livestock. All animals must be in their pens on the grounds before 10:30 am on the Saturday of the fair.
11. The exhibit judging starts at 12:00 noon on Friday. Cattle judging begins at 12:30 pm on Saturday. Judging of horses, poultry and small animals starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday, unless otherwise stated in this prize book.
12. All entries for the parade are to be at the parade site at 10:30 am on Saturday. Parade to start at 11:30 am SHARP. Judging of the parade and awarding of prizes will be done before the parade starts.
13. Only one (1) entry is allowed per membership in each individual section, except in the livestock and poultry classes.
14. During the judging of exhibits, no person will be allowed to interfere with the Judge, except the Director in Charge.
15. Any person wishing to change an entry tag due to a mistake must only do so with a Director in attendance.
16. If a mistake is found in the entry form, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer to have it corrected.
17. All exhibitors and their helpers must have the exhibit number visible when removing their exhibits.
18. Exhibits must not be removed until Sunday at 4:00 pm, except for baking and canning, which may be removed at 4:00 pm on Saturday.
19. Directors or Officers of the Society will not be responsible for loss or damage of exhibits.
20. In all cases, except livestock and poultry, the same article/exhibit cannot be entered in more than one section.
21. Any person found guilty of violating any part of the rules will forfeit the whole of their prize money.
22. In the event of a tie in points, the greater number of firsts shall decide the winner.
23. Anyone wishing to sell their exhibits must provide their own table and do so outside, at the back of the exhibit building.
24. The Society will not hold itself liable for any accident that happens at the fair.
25. Any typographical errors are subject to correction.
26. All rules and regulations have been updated.



Please follow the links below to find the list of exhibits, as well as the rules and regulations, for each class of exhibits. These links can also be found under "Exhibits" in the main menu. If you have any questions, please contact the Director in Charge listed on each page.

A printable PDF version of the Prize List can be found here.

Animals (Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Llamas, Goats, Swine, Poultry and Rabbits)
Grains & Seeds
Roots, Vegetables, Fruit & Eggs
Homemade Wine
Arts & Crafts (General and Christmas Crafts)
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