Fair Ambassador Competition

The fair ambassador competition is open to all permanent residents of Manitoulin Island, male or female, between 17 and 21 years of age. The contestants will be judged by a panel of judges on personal presentation, community involvement, a prepared speech, and an interview.

Congratulations to the 2017 Providence Bay Fair Ambassador - Michelle Campbell!!!

2017 Providence Bay Fair Ambassador

Alicia Williamson was chosen as Miss Congeniality, as well as the Runner-Up!

Meet the 2017 contestants:

Michelle Campbell

     Michelle Campbell is an 18 year old resident of Mindemoya who enjoys spending time outdoors, volunteering, exploring the tourist sites on Manitoulin
     and spending time with her niece and nephew.
     She will be attending Nipissing University in September to study physical & health education.
     A major influence in her life has been her mom because she is very hard working and can see the good in any bad situation.
     Michelle’s favourite thing about Manitoulin Island is the tight knit communities where everyone is friendly and willing to help.
     Winning Providence Bay Fair Ambassador would mean so much to Michelle as she has watched the competition over the years, waiting for her chance to enter.
     She would also be honoured to represent the Providence Bay Fair at the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs competition.

     Michelle’s sponsor is Campbell Construction.

Delaney Madore

     Delaney Madore is a 17 year old from Gore Bay who will be entering Grade 12 at Manitoulin Secondary School in September.
     Her hobbies include swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, dancing and spending time with friends and family.
     Delaney’s grandmothers are her role models as they were both strong, independent women who raised the two most important people in her life.
     Delaney’s favourite things about Manitoulin Island are the beautiful sights and the tight knit communities that make you feel like you are a part of a big family.
     If Delaney is named the ambassador of the Providence Bay Fair, she feels that it will be an awesome way to represent the amazing place where she lives.
     She also feels that it would be a great way to honour the memories of her late grandmother and herself at the fair.

     Delaney’s sponsor is Manitoulin Transport.

Megan Misner
     Megan Misner is an 18 year old resident of Gore Bay.
     Her hobbies include singing, playing instruments, swimming and volunteering.
     In September, Megan will be entering her fifth year at Manitoulin Secondary School.
     Megan’s favourite thing about Manitoulin is the community, that no matter what, everyone will come together for an important cause.
     A major influence in Megan’s life is her mom, with multiple degrees and five children, her mom is the strongest woman she knows.
     Megan feels that winning the title of Providence Bay Fair Ambassador would be an amazing opportunity to represent Manitoulin and
     be a role model to children on Manitoulin.

     Megan’s sponsor is Pride Manitoulin.

Alicia Williamson

     Alicia Williamson is a 17 year old who lives in Little Current and will be attending Grade 12 at Manitoulin Secondary School in September.
     She enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, sketching and adventuring.
     Alicia’s role model is her mom, a strong, intelligent woman who pushes her to be her best and supports her 100%.
     Alicia’s favourite thing about Manitoulin are the surroundings. She feels that having such a beautiful atmosphere and
     being surrounded by nature is both humbling and inspiring.
     Participating in this competition is a special opportunity for Alicia and she feels that it would be a huge honour to be able to represent the island
     should she be named the Providence Bay Fair Ambassador.

     Alicia’s sponsor is Dreamer’s Cove.