Fair Ambassador Program


The ambassador program is designed to encourage young people to be involved in the fair and local agriculture. The ambassador will be visible on fair weekend and will represent the Agricultural Society at local events for the following year, as well as at the OAAS Convention in February.
The fair ambassador competition is open to all permanent residents of Manitoulin Island, male or female, 16 years of age or older, by August 1st of the competition year. Previous competitors who did not win are encouraged to participate again.
The contestants will be judged by a panel of judges on personal presentation, community involvement, an interview, and a prepared speech. The competition occurs on Friday evening of the fair, starting at 8 pm in the arena.
The winning ambassador will receive a $1000 bursary and be required to fulfill a number of duties throughout the fair and their year as ambassador.
At the end of their year, the ambassador may choose to continue in the program as a senior ambassador. The senior ambassador will have the option to attend the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs competition, when they feel prepared and are a minimum of 18 years old. Additional financial support will be provided to the senior ambassadors.


What is involved in the competition?

Interview Portion:
*Competitors will be interviewed by a panel of 3 judges. Questions will be related to the competitor’s previous experiences (such as education, community involvement) and their future plans, their knowledge of the fair, Manitoulin, and agriculture in general, and their individual strengths and weaknesses.
*Interviews will occur at the arena on the Wednesday evening prior to the fair.
*For the interview, contestants are encouraged to wear business attire, similar to what would be worn to a job interview.

On-Stage Portion:
*Competitors will give a brief introduction of themselves (including their name, age, hometown and sponsor)
*Competitors will fill out a provided questionnaire, in advance, including such information as school attending, career aspirations, significant hobbies and/or community involvement. This information will be used by the MC to provide a further introduction of the competitor.
*Competitors will be asked to prepare and deliver a short speech (2-3 minutes) on a topic related to agriculture, the importance of agricultural societies, an aspect of their fair, or pride of place.
*The on-stage portion will take place on the Friday night of the fair.
*For the on-stage competition, contestants are encouraged to wear business or semi-formal attire. For example, dresses that are at least knee length and not overly revealing, a skirt and blouse, a pant suit, or a suit and tie.

What do I need to do if I win?

At this year's fair:
*Be visible throughout the weekend and help the Providence Bay Agricultural Society as needed.
*Examples of duties: participate in parade, introduce the musical entertainment, present awards, help with face painting, post to the Providence Bay Fair Ambassador social media accounts

Over the next year:
*Attend at least 3 agricultural society meetings throughout the year, as well as 5 community events as a representative of the agricultural society and/or to learn about local agriculture. (Examples: the CMPS Fall Fair in September and workshops in May/June, MSS Awards Night, the OFA dinner and AGM, the Horticultural Society Flower Show, farmer’s markets, Bluegrass in the Country, Manitowaning Fair, Massey Fair, Country Fest, 4H events).
*Attend the OAAS Convention in February. Most expenses for this convention will be covered by the PBAS, travel will be dependent on location of ambassador at the time. Following the convention, the ambassador will provide a report to the society at one of the subsequent monthly meetings.

At the next fair:
*Attend the following year's ambassador competition in order to present the award to the next winner.

The Bursary!
The winner of the competition will be awarded a $1000 bursary. The bursary will be paid out as follows:
$100 on the evening of the competition.
$150 at the conclusion of fair weekend, provided that the ambassador is visible and helpful throughout fair weekend
$250 prior to attending the OAAS Convention in February
$500 at the conclusion of the year, provided that the ambassador has fulfilled their duties outlined above

Senior Ambassador:
*At the end of the ambassador’s first year, the ambassador, their parent/guardian(s) and agricultural society representatives will discuss the option of the ambassador staying on as a ‘senior ambassador’ and to act as a mentor to the new ambassador. If it is agreed that the ambassador will continue in the program, they will use the next year(s) to learn and prepare for the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition, which they may then attend as a senior ambassador when they feel prepared and are a minimum of 18 years old. An additional $500 will be given to the senior ambassador prior to attending the CNE competition.
*The senior ambassador(s) will continue to be visible at local events and may choose to attend one of the following: another OAAS convention, the Royal Winter Fair, the International Plowing Match. An additional $250 will be given to help with expenses involved in attending.
*Senior ambassadors will be given the opportunity to speak at subsequent ambassador competitions, as well as answer an impromptu question in preparation for the CNE.